Blockchain, the technology of tomorrow that uses Siacoin QT wallet

Sia is a platform launched in beta form since 2015, however, this didn’t have a greater promotion or even until 2017, when I announce certain important changes in its platform and obtained the financial lending of a large Japanese company devoted to the development of blockchain. Sia is based on providing a database, storage determined by its own blockchain, using its own cryptocurrency for that payment from the Host (individuals who provide the storage of their equipment) and help the miners who validate the blocks, saved in Siacoin Core.

The blockchain technology basically eliminates the process of making transactions from an intermediary (bank) where, to transfer a specific amount, it has to feel the banks, to arrive at the destination account. Although it does not go directly to the bank office and isn’t loaded with a lot of cash tickets because nowadays things are in the network, customers can not control transactions.

The control with blockchains in the whole process is clearly of the users and they become part of a bank composed of vast amounts of nodes that facilitate these transactions. So, basically, the blockchains certainly are a large account book where these decentralized transactions are stored, linking and encrypting to deliver security and confidence to the users. Something important in this chain of blocks is the fact that there must be nodes (users) that handle verifying and validating these transactions (a thing that requires a high-performance team).

This process is simple if you wish to send a Siacoin, the issuer notifies the nodes that it is verified and put into the chain of blocks, and then it reaches the receiver. Does it sound more complex than by using a bank? Perhaps, however, the nodes do not know the identities of sender and receiver, in order that it maintains the confidentiality of the transaction along with the chain of blocks is constituted in order that funds is not diverted because of their encryption.

Siacoin core, uses this type of technology, facilitating transactions guaranteeing reliability and security. It works for the most important operating systems and siancoin core wallet is very easy to use the platform. You can get Siancoin wallet from this link

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