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The statistics of business schools in South Africa show the true commitment of the school to inclusion and also education being a key instrument to overcome in everyday life and be a good example in modern society, inclusion provides privileged women who represent around 81% of the beneficiaries, the much less favored residential areas complete nearly one hundred percent of the apprentices in business schools in Johannesburg, that is a clear type of the inclusion policy and also adaptation for the bbbee classification, there is no doubt that the task has been demanding , the directors agree that these successes are due to the principles that oversee management, sustained by bbbee skills development, insertion into the labor marketplace, support in at least a few types of understanding and the concept of executive training.

These concepts are those that have guaranteed the effectiveness and efficiency of training as well as training programs, the development of expertise in line with the needs of organizations and reasons for employment that in turn generate productive work, favoring labor installation that is truly useful for the actual productive equipment, besides the potential for receiving lessons in person, online and a combined method which favors the more accessibility to more apprentices and finally the most important pillar with the inclusion which refers to motivate and stimulate in the apprentice the belief of their value and ability to bring about the company which recruits that and after that to culture, student power is the key aspect in the creation of interpersonal value.

The achievements of this policy and the management that has been given of it along with entrepreneurs are already successful for the personal and social expansion of a large number of people who have disabilities who otherwise had been destined to failing and dependence.

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