Do not hesitate to buy a barbecue (kepsnine)

The idea of spending an afternoon in the garden enjoying the company of friends and the heat of the grill is attractive at any time of the year and more if we have any kamado grill model, real gems due to the practicality and aesthetic beauty, there isn’t any other that competes with all the unique characteristics of this barbecue (kepsnine), available in a variety of enameled colors and an external surface with diamond shapes, that is attached to its internal clay chamber providing you with heat evenly for much better cooking regardless of the sort of food, not only think of meat when contemplating barbecue, fish, poultry and vegetables can also be delicious cooked around the grill, the barbecue aside from all the advantages described brings from it additionally: ashtray, tongs, lining protector and stainless grill, will come in two sizes to suit the needs of family or business, using a base firm and also at the same time compact and retractable that does not occupy much space for storing.

The interior in the barbecue is made of clay that after closed works as a furnace, as well as the air flow regulator which allows controlling the volume of heat and humidity is made inside, along with the practical and accurate thermometer.

Additionally, the pro model brings a sensible table that serves to prepare food, place containers and yet another amount of practical and useful uses, these auxiliary tables are folded when finished using it so that the barbecue returns towards the compact model. Cooking outside can be very fun if you have all the tools along with this barbecue if you’ve been in one, as well as having the additional purpose of the grill (grilis) another key piece for summer barbecues or any season, the flexibility of these pieces get them to an option at any time and place, these are easy to maintain and clean, along with resistant to climatic changes.

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