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When deciding on the Electrum QTUM Wallet, it is very important that customers define which version to merely install, based, needless to say, on the operating-system used by their computer.

Fortunately, this wallet works best for both Windows and OS for MAC – in the play mode -, for free OS or “free”, which LINUX belongs. Its variant as well as the particular appeal are that, furthermore, it is also supported within the maxims of smart devices, represented by nothing less than android.

Set up . protocol for Electrum XVG Wallet, however, varies based on the type of system. On the website of the wallet, customers can observe that the downloads tab shows three different links, one for Windows and OS, another for LINUX and, finally, Android.

Most people prefer to stick to the Windows guide, especially as this system is considered the most used in companies worldwide. It will be the decision of each user that you follow the executable installer in desktop computers or laptops, or, on the contrary, to choose the light version for lower quality computers.

This really is one of the advantages that users find when installing Electrum QTUM. Thus, once the installation is completed, the steps correspond to the following:

1. Build the portfolio

Once the Electrum QTUM Wallet is installed, this can be the most logical and urgent step, because it’s necessary? Amongst other things, because with this phase from the installation the Blockchain history is validated, verifying all the transactions propagated on the net.

2. Choose a server

In this part, there are two alternatives: sometimes a server of your random type or perhaps a specific and trusted one. When making use of Windows, the most frequent recommendation among users would be to stick to the first option.

Once this is completed, it is up to the user to mention his wallet. At this stage, the Electrum platform recommends sticking with serious nouns which are perfectly identifiable together. As data, it is recommended isolate very private data in this step.

3. Choose the type of portfolio

It’s the last step, although not the least important. This feature must be made depending on the needs with the client. Once it is established the thing you need, you can select from a standard portfolio, with authentication factors, multi-personal (managed by a couple of subjects) or private key.

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