Inspired by religious figures: Bella rose jewelry

If you are a fan of jewelry at the same time you’ve got religious beliefs in which medals, saints and religious photographs are important for you, we give you jewelry assortment with spiritual accents, where these types of images are used to create fine stones that will complement the bracelets and chains with the collection.

The designers use to develop their own religion involving images along with medals utilized and popular in The european union where religious pictures have been venerated for more than one hundred along with fifty years, this particular talented goldsmiths have got dedicated them selves to getting this trend back to turn them into delicate bits that even Being modern-day they have a old touch of medals and also saints.

The collection of bella rose jewelry is thought to be used by anyone but especially for those women for whom the beliefs in saints and virgins lead them to feel protected while carrying these images with them. They are ideal as a gift or as a reminder of events and special dates such as baptisms and First Communion.

The success of this particular line of treasures is based on your delicacy and durability of its items beyond the genuine and well-maintained surface finishes of each, the idea of Bella rose jewellery are the ancient medals of virgins that hung from the guitar neck of the ecclesiastical authorities and of the actual paintings and portraits created by renowned Rebirth painters, for countless years women chosen heavy jewelry to show their own religious enthusiasm, in this series the spiritual concept of faith and safety is preserved but with much more resistant, lighting and fragile finishes. The designers have been encouraged by these kinds of medals and statues associated with saints from the churches to submit the collection referred to as Bella went up by jewelry containing had excellent reception among modern ladies since each bit can be enjoyed and liked regardless of the religion that is professed, their intracacies makes them desirable for any occasion.

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